Three days until California gets its double-digit "Big One." The cultish Generic News Network feeds like a tick on the public panic. But even they can't believe that some Angelinos are making another sequel of the flamed-out Cyxork sci-fi franchise right at the epicenter. Free special effects! They risk their lives to resurrect their careers!

But first-time director Angela LaSalle turns the schlock into an art film, quashing all hopes of washed-up action star Rex Anderson to resuscitate his franchise, his career, his life. To move his pregnant wife Jacey out of the beat-up public appearance bus they call home. His fans want to see him kill or maim someone every four minutes and they are running way behind.

Rex takes it up the power ladder. He wants Angela out, but his move misfires. They both get fired and the movie is shut down.

At the end of their rope, Rex and Angela have only one chance: stick together and survive. Their plan: Pretend they are still in production and then go all out. Take the risk nobody else would dare. Shoot the climax when the "Big One" hits. When the rocks are flying. It could be their ticket to fame. That is: if they survive...