Next we traveled to the 29th Carolina Film and Video Festival (CFVF) in Greensboro, one of the most established festivals in country. Behind the festival is the University of North Carolina (UNCG) in particular the Department of Broadcasting and Cinema. The staff had arranged for meetings with film students and we tried our best to dissuade them from coming to Hollywood and wasting energy, money and time--that is if they don't have a solid job offer.

While some films screened on campus, most ran at the Carousel Theater, a busy multiplex cinema. When we drove up to the theatre we couldn't believe that we had a Ray Wise double feature on the marquise. "Good Night, And Good Luck" and "Cyxork 7" playing the same house. Well, it was "Cyxorks 7" at first, but, hey, we misspell it all the time.

We had a great time meeting North Carolina filmmakers such as Jason Brown of Pewter Productions, who was not only one of the festival directors, but is also an absolute film buff and prolific blogger. We also met Robert Newton, head of North Carolina's top CGI / 3D Animation company Robert Newton Productions. Robert is not only a CGI whiz, bot also screenwriter and director of--among many other things--the acclaimed film "Dear Phil" which Andreas shot years ago as a cinematographer.

A big surprise was to see Josh Long who we had met at the DNAFF Festival in Toronto. His great comedy "For the Title" was unfortunately not in the CFVF, but he drove a long way just to see us and "Cyxork 7" again. Thanks, Josh!

The Carousel Theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina
Ooops... Sorry about that title. We also misspelled it all the time, until we got "Cyxork" tatooed right on our hands. Try it, it really works...
Ray Wise night at the Carousel Theatre. "Good Night, And Good Luck" and "Cyxork 7."