After the big splash at the FAIF International Film Festival in Hollywood playing the much smaller, but very nice Camera Bar in Toronto during the DNAFF (Digital Narrative Art Film Festival) was like going from stadium rock to a jazz club.

The Camera Bar belongs to famed Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan who is a supporter of the festival. The festival is run by Aaron Blair. It only shows films shot digitally and attracts films from all over the world. Aaron actually shares the box office take with the filmmakers and once the festival is over, submits a festival selection to Canadian distributors.

The Camera Bar is located in West Toronto's Gallery Distrcit on the trendy Queen Street, right across the mental hospital. What a perfect location for filmmakers!! What was great about the Camera Bar was that the screening room was part to a trendy bar, which was a perfect environment to meet filmmakers and audience before and after screenings.

One very talented filmmaker we met was Josh Long who made a very funny comedy "For the Title" a behind-the-scenes mockumentary of two insane Ultimate Frisbee clubs slugging it out on and off the field.
Atom Egoyan's Camera Bar
We couldn't resist to immediately stick our poster on the Camera Bar's clean windows.
And if one poster wasn't enough we had to stick our second one to the screening room door. The festival staff was nice enough to just smile. It's those Cyxork guys...
Queens Street in West Toronto and the Camera Bar