Interview with RAY WISE

Director John Huff interviewed Ray Wise at the "Cyxork 7" theatrical premiere at the Fine Arts Theatre.

JOHN HUFF: Ray Wise, good to see you.

RAY WISE: Good to see you.

JH: After reading the script about an actor named Rex Anderson who plays superhero Kommander 88, you said, "I know this guy."

RAY WISE: Well, you know Rex Anderson is starting to get a little bit over the hill; a little bit past middle age; he's got a lot of insecurities, he's got a lot of ups and downs, he wants to make it one more time big, he still has that dream--and I have the same dream.

JH: How would you describe "Cyxork 7"?

RAY WISE: It's just a zany romp through the desert; that's the way I would describe it. Sci-fi fun.

JH: At this time, you're fresh from glowing reviews for your work in George Clooney's "Good Night and Good Luck." What was it like to find yourself in that heavyweight ensemble directed by George Clooney?

RAY WISE: It was the greatest experience in the world and they were all a great bunch of people. I felt that I could hold my own with them. I went in with a lot of confidence and they were very gracious and very supportive of me and I was playing a great character and George is a marvelous director. It was an ideal working situation.

JH: Excellent work, Ray.

RAY WISE: Thank you.

JH: The respected actor, Don Calfa, says of you, Ray, behind your back: "Ray Wise, man, he never phones it in." What is that striving that marks your career?

RAY WISE: I think it's simply my work ethic, it doesn't matter what the material is or what kind of project I'm doing, I try to give it my best effort; I try to be as truthful and as real as I can possibly be and to play it as well as I can. It doesn't matter what kind of part it is or how big it is, I try to do it as well as I can.

JH: That brings us to our next question: many actors make a big deal about entering sci-fi, horror or fantasy genres, you embrace all of those genres.

RAY WISE: Yes I do because as a young kid I embraced all those genres too. I loved them growing up and to be in them is a real treat for me.

JH: What's on the horizon for Ray Wise?

RAY WISE: I'm presently playing the Vice President on "24" and who knows where that's going to go?

JH: Only a few people know how that's going to turn out.

RAY WISE: Right and I'm not one of them.

JH: You don't know?

RAY WISE: No, but I will in a few weeks.

JH: Certainly you've had other irons in the fire.

RAY WISE: I've done about three movies in the last several months. I have one coming out this Fall called "The Plot" with Richard Gere and Claire Danes; I have one just out in wide release called "Peaceful Warrior" with Nick Nolte and I just finished a picture called "7-10 Split"--a bowling comedy! A bowling comedy, yes. If you can believe that.

JH: We believe you. Ray Wise thank you, always good to see you.

RAY WISE: Thank you.