Interview with PAGET BREWSTER

Director John Huff talks with Paget Brewster.

JOHN HUFF: You have one of the highest IMDb ratings we've seen.

PAGET BREWSTER: It could be because I keep clicking on it!

JH: No, I don't think so. Paget, what do you think about "Cyxork 7"?

PAGET BREWSTER: I loved it. I saw it when I got the DVD from you guys a couple of months ago. I was actually very surprised because I thought it turned out better than I had even expected. That was from having read the script and thinking, boy, I know how I see this and this is subversive, strange, funny stuff but I didn't know if, you know, it would come together in the end and you did a great job, I love it, it's completely pure unique voice, it's funny and dark and touching and odd but completely unique and I loved it. I was so impressed.

JH: I will remember you in my will.


JH: Tell us about your theory of comedy. What's funny? You're an expert.

PAGET BREWSTER: What's funny, what's funny? Anything emotional can be funny, I think. Human beings are funny especially in tragedy. What I tried to bring to this great script that you gave me was this completely foul, cruel, evil, foul-mouthed, beer drinking, pill-popping monster who has no soul and she'd have nothing to lose if she did die but in peril she became even more monstrous and offensive and rude to her camera man, so there's a great character and there's nothing not-funny about it. I didn't really bring that much, it was written that good, it was written as a pathological human being and that's great stuff, it's always funny.

JH: Paget, you're always great.

PAGET BREWSTER: Thank you! I mean it, I really loved it.

JH: Thank you, I can go home now.