Interview with Joseph Culp

Director John Huff interviews actor Joseph Culp at the "Cyxork 7" premiere..

JOHN HUFF: Joseph Culp, good to see you, Sir!

JOSEPH CULP: Good to see you!

JH: You play the character 'Max' in "Cyxork 7," tell us about Max.

JOSEPH CULP: Max is one of those strange characters you come across in the maelstrom of Hollywood at large; he's, in a word, he's everything we aspire to be as filmmakers/artists and he is our worst fears confirmed at the same time; meaning: he knows so much about the process of filmmaking and what makes great film that he finds himself very alone and unable to work with anybody and nobody to finance his eighteen hour opus on a medieval French poet, so he sets his sights and his hooks on his young very young, female protégé and is going to, like Svengali, work through her to take a piece of sci-fi drek and raise it to the level of fine art and therein lies the big surprise. That's not an easy thing to do.

JH: How would you describe the character of "Angela?"

JOSEPH CULP: Angela LaSalle directs the Cyxork film; she's someone who's at a crossroad for an artist; she wants to please her mentor, me, to make fine art but at the same time she feels the pull of the commercial machine and wants to please everyone. Of course you find that when you try to please everybody, you please everyone but yourself.

JH: Joseph, good to see you this evening.

JOSEPH CULP: Good to see you.