[Visual Effects
Born in Cologne, Germany, Nicolai graduated from the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung, Köln (Cologne Art School) and has worked nonstop in the TV/Film Industry for over 15 years. He started his career at the visual effects department of Bavaria Film, Munich, where he worked on productions such as Never Ending Story I and II, Enemy Mine, and Schimanski as well as many commercials. Living and working in Munich, London, Johannesburg, Singapore and now in Los Angeles, Nicolai's wide array of effect creation includes projects for Ford, Citroen, Clarion, Dunlop, Stimmorol, Mattel, SAT 1, RTL, N-TV, ABC, CBS, Fox Sports Net, New Line Cinema, and a hundred more. As an Art Director for Visual Effects at Cinesite, Los Angeles, he has contributed to major motion pictures, such as Smilla's Sense of Snow, Hard Rain, Batman & Robin, Airforce One, Spawn, The Truman Show, Sphere, and The 13th Warrior. Currently, Nico is Art Director for visual effects at the theatrical marketing firm Antfarm in Los Angeles and heads Endesign, his own design and effects studio. (But all this was before Cyxork plasma-welded Nico to his computer and transmogrified him into its bio-mechanoid-slave-interface.)