With more than twenty years as a career leader in model making and creating miniatures effects for film and television, Michael's miniatures, supervision and art direction credits include: The Abyss, Flubber, The Rock, Crimson Tide, ConAir. In 1998, he was the visual effects art director on Armageddon. Between films, Michael has art-directed television commercials for: Nissan, McDonalds, Miller Beer, and Fox Family, to name just a few. His television commercial for Mazda received a highly coveted advertising industry award. Michael was also awarded an Emmy for his work on the television series Earth Two. His most recent credits include the upcoming 20th Century Fox release of Flight of the Phoenix. Cyxork 7 is the third independent film for which Michael has been production designer. (Implanting itself deep in Michael's subconscious, Cyxork made him design and customize the blown-to-shit Army van of its dreams. Cyxork also made sure Michael would outfit its nemesis, Kommander 88, with a plasma gun that always jams when it counts.)