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A graduate of New York University Filmschool, Michael followed the career of his famous father Sol Negrin, ASC, and became a cinematographer. Present at the birth of MTV, Michael shot several videos for Billy Joel that included Uptown Girl, Tell Her About It and For the Longest Time as well as Time After Time for Cindy Lauper, which earned an American Music Video Award. Michael's career in feature films started with Touch of a Stranger starring Shelly Winters. Night Watch, an action adventure yarn starring Pierce Brosnan followed, as did Hudson River Blues and The Attic Expeditions. Michael is very active shooting TV series, such as 18 episodes of Diagnosis Murder for CBS, as well as additional principal photography on the NBC series West Wing. Currently, he is an additional cinematographer on the Fox series The O.C. as well as NBC's series Las Vegas. ( Michael now lives in fear. Cyxork has been known to make a top-dollar, high-def camera smoke like a panatella just to get Michael's attention. Works every time.)