& Co-Writer]
The veteran writer broke into the trade on The Nightstalker series, was a story editor for MGM Television and basically worked for every major studio in town. His series contributions include: CHiPs, 240 Robert, Glitter, Fall Guy, Knightrider, Street Hawk, and Barbary Coast. He also co-wrote the feature, Hunter's Moon starring Burt Reynolds, Keith Carradine, Pat Hingle and Charles Napier. John met Cyxork 7's producer and co-writer Andreas Kossak on the set of the cult classic Howling VII. They became writing partners and after turning out a number of screenplays over the years, they focussed their satiric attention on the movie industry phenomena of 'sequelitis' and 'Reality TV.' Cyxork 7 was born and chose John to be its director. John's now busy on the script for Cyxork 6. Don't blame him. Cyxork makes him do it again.