[Art Director]
Jeff has worked in many different areas of the film and entertainment industry, but is known primarily as a theatrical Set Designer and Art Director for commercials, ride-show vehicles and films. He met and worked with Production Designer, Mike Stuart at Disney's in-house EFX company, Dreamquest. His work there includes: Con-Air, Flubber, Mighty Joe Young, Kundun, and as a lead model-maker on Armageddon.
He was also a sculptor on Tim Burton's remake of The Planet of the Apes.
Jeff has won numerous awards and acclaim for his design work on over one hundred theatrical sets from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.
At Task Research, Jeff was involved in the sculpting and design of the DeLorean car for the Back to the Future Ride for Universal Studios. His other work at Task includes: Disney's Flying Wing for the Indiana Jones stunt show, Earthquake cars for Universal Studios, the history-making Voyager aircraft, a 2/3 scale P-51 Mustang kit, and a documentary film on the development and construction of a proprietary aircraft for Lockheed.
Jeff does not feel that he can take full credit for any of the on-site art directing that you see in Cyxork 7, as he, and his fabulous art department (Christine Zirbel, David "Professor" Calhoun, and Billy Caltacci) were, at all times, under the mind control of the Cyxork, which directed their every waking (waking is used very loosely here, as it is more of a catatonic state) moment during the production of this film. Jeff is also a writer, and lives with his wife in North Hollywood. (His wife made him say this--not the Cyxork.)