Born in Philadelphia, raised in Venezuela and today one of the most widely recognized Latin TV stars, Sonya began acting professionally at the age of thirteen, playing supporting roles in different shows like the internationally renowned Cristal. Her first leading role was the character of Cara Sucia in the "tele-novella" by the same name. It aired in more than 80 countries around the world and was broadcast in the United States by Univison. Following this triumph she starred in Rosangelica and Maria Celeste produced by Venevision which, again, aired in the US on Univision. Sonya's next hit was as the lead in the Colombian movie, Guajira, before returning to Venezuela and starring in several more movies, among them, Destino de Mujer, which played worldwide. She has appeared in commercials for Wrangler Jeans, Coca-Cola, Sprint and Bertolucci Jewelry. Cyxork 7 is Sonya's first English language film.

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